Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's almost Thanksgiving.

It's almost Thanksgiving! I like Thanksgiving because you can eat lots of turkey. Sadly, right now I cannot buy any turkey because I am broke. :( Somehow, my money just disappeared. It was weird.

It's been one month of school passed. Now I'm in grade five. Hooray! :)

I had my first AMSL game today. Only two people scored once. :) Hooray! AMSL was fun. I am the goalie.

I'm going into a hockey academy. Right now I have no goalie gear. So I can't at the moment. So I mightn't go. My dad might have some gear, though. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

No subject

This blog post I can't think of anything. So I'm just going to blurt out random things that are funny. HAHAHAHA. You should have laughed while you were reading that. Let's try it again. HAHAHAHAHA. jking

I'm so funny. HA HA HA. :)

And weird stuff like that.

I like pizza. I told you I was gonna say things that are random! CHICKEN!

Peace out! :) And weird things like that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The play rehearsal

The play rehearsal was pretty boring. All I got to do was sit on the floor and get my name said once or twice. :(

I only say one line in the whole play. And I sing a song. Three songs, actually. But WHATEVER.

I have a very unpopular part in the play. I am Tony Tuna, King of the Sea.

The end.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My soccer ball popped. :(

I got a soccer ball from Butthead Corporation. HA HA YA. Butthead is a cigarette company that hates cigarettes! :) Yeah. And stuff like that. So you promise to be smoke free and then you get stuff. It's awa-so-wam.

So I got a soccer ball because I promised to be smoke free. :) I was doing 500 touches a day to be a good soccer player and to be good at controlling the ball. :)

And then I went on vacation and I took it with me so I could keep doing my touches. :)

We were coming back from Mexico, where we went on vacation. It was awa-so-wam. I was going through Mexican security and they had to pop a hole in my soccer ball to make sure that there was no toxic gases inside of it! Why would I do anything like that?

So now my ball is ruined. :(

But I am getting a new one from Butthead! Very nice! :) I sent an e-mail to Butthead saying what happened, and they said, "Oh, OK. We can give you a new one." They are nice. I like them. :) They give me soccer balls. Hehehehehehe.

So now I will be able to do my touches again. Yay!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michael's blog will be back in a week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Culture Camp

Today I went to culture camp with all of the grade 4s. We went trapping and caught four muskrats. I got its paw.

It is so cute!

Well, we caught three that actually died. The fourth just poked its nose out and got caught in the trap. Then it came out and started walking around. Then the guy knocked it out with a stick and broke its spine. :( The girls cried. I did not. He was so cute! I want a muskrat now to be my pet! They were so cute and fat and fluffy! So he cut off the paw and gave it to me. He took a knife and asked who wanted a paw and I said ME! And then he gave it to me!

They eat the tails. :\ The tails are really weird. They feel like leather.

There were elders there and they made bannock. It was good! :) They made it in a pan on the fire. The elders didn't really talk to us.

We went there on a sled behind a skidoo and we flipped over three times! :( It hurt. Three times.

Michael out!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More soccer

My soccer coach Rebecca says that you should make 500 touches on the soccer ball a day. :) It is hard to remember :(, but so far I did it. :) It's hard, though. Sometimes I do more one day so I don't have to do as much the next. And some days I do more just for fun. I am taking touches on the soccer ball while saying this. :)

My feet hurt. Too many touches on the ball. But now that I don't have very much soccer, I don't have Fury or AMSL :(, I don't get to have very much touches on the ball on the weekends. No more Fury for six more weeks. :(

My coach Rebecca told my mom that she was at the Arctic Winter Games and she was winning all of the time until she had to verse in the finals for a gold medal and at the end it was tied so they went into one period of overtime. Still tied. Nobody scored. Then another period of overtime. Still tied. So they went in a shootout. And then they lost in the shootout, so they got silver. JUST LIKE ME.

During the spring break some of the kids on my team are going to Fort Simpson for a tournament. I am not going because I am going to Mexico. :(

Michael out!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I got silver in soccer!

The tournament is over. We got silver! :) Technically, we should have got gold :(, but we won at the wrong time. They beat us in a shootout after two sudden-death overtimes. :( So we are undefeated except for the shootout. Dang shootout! :(

I almost forgot smiley faces and sad faces. :(

It was an awesome game. My mom says everybody was cheering. I didn't pay attention. I got my head in the game too much. I was too busy passing it to the other team. I accidentally passed the ball to Harut on the other team, and he shot it right at me! But I blocked it with my awesomeness.

I won gold in outdoor soccer, but you never get medals in that. :( So I have one silver medal and one bronze medal from the times I was in indoor soccer. I got bronze when I was on Harut's team two years ago. I am also on a Fury team and we have an awesome soccer team. We beat Behchoko 15-5. :) I got one of those goals. :) And mostly I am the goalie, especially in AMSL which is the tournament from this weekend.

So that is the end of soccer for a while. :(

Saturday, March 12, 2011

We beat the hardest team! YAAAAAYYYY!

We beat the hardest team in soccer! :) In the tournament we are undefeated! We're gonna verse the same hardest team in the finals again tomorrow. :( If we beat them, then we get gold. We already do win silver at least. No matter what, one of our teams will get silver and the winner will get the goal. And Team C and Team F are playing for bronze. My friends are on both of those teams. My mom won't let me go tomorrow at nine. :( I will have to call my friend to find out who won. :)

I had two games today and they were awesome. We won both. The first one, versus Team F, we won 5-4. The second one we were versing the super duper hard unbeatable team and we beat them 4-2. :) We are the first people to beat them. :) That is really true. They won every other game they ever played and they were so close to not losing a game all season until we cracked their code. I have friends on that team too. Well actually I am friends with people on all of the teams. I have a lot of friends who play soccer. Like, almost all of the boys play soccer in my class. But also we only have nine boys in our class.

We play for the medals tomorrow.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The play

I am auditioning for a play. It is for a musical about Pinocchio. It is called No Strings Attached. I want to be Donkey Children because they are lazy children who run off. They are naughty. I know because it says so in the script. :)

I wonder who's going to be Pinocchio. I think it's probably going to be a girl. There's hardly any boys signing up for it. I guess girls are braver than boys. Not meaning to be sexist. :) It would be pretty weird if Pinocchio was a girl, because he's a boy and everyone knows Pinocchio, and turning him into a girl wouldn't be right. I mean, even I know Pinocchio and I hardly know anything about the story except the sly fox and the donkey children and Pinocchio's father. And Pinocchio. :) Other than them, I don't really know anyone else. :(

I'm trying to be Donkey Children and I do NOT want to be Pinocchio. That would be NOT GOOD AT ALL. It's the first time I'm signing up for a play. I didn't really want to sign up in the first place. My mom just forced me. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, and by the way, my mom is writing this and she has to write whatever I say! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I HAVE THE POWER! :)

I forgot to write smiley faces in this blog post! Nooooooo!!!! I'll go back and look for places to put them.

OK, I put smiley faces and sad faces in my blog post. I like them because it doesn't feel right without them. When you write, you have to do smiley faces. I even put them on my work in school.

Michael out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love waffles

I love waffles! They are so tasty with syrup. Mmmmmm. :)

They are so creamy and good. Yummy yummy yummy. I put overloads of syrup on them. Mom says I use too much. Well, of course I do! YUM YUM.

They are better than pancakes because they are much easier to make. :) My mom has to make pancakes in the frying pan and I can't make them on my own. :( But the waffles are in the freezer and I can make those.

Michael out!

I got the last goal in soccer!

I got the last goal in soccer! The final score was 7-6.

When you get the last goal, people think that you won the game for the team. They say, "Yay! We won!" and we high-five. Mostly we high-five anyway for any goal but people are even more excited when you win.

I am on the Fury team. It is awesome and we are going to Red Deer in May to play against a bunch of other teams. Hopefully they do not have super-huge nets where you just shoot and get a goal.

Michael out!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I won my next soccer game!

Yay! I won my tournament soccer game versus Team C. 7-1. :) It was fun. I got like a gazillion assists, at least four. And I saved a bunch of shots. Yay! :)

There are two more games. And then we play for first place, second place and third place. So right now we've already won a medal! I think. Unless if the things are screwed up. Last tournament, I got Player of the Game and Player of the Tournament.

After next weekend, there is no soccer for a long time. I have a game tomorrow.

I actually feel sort of drowsy when I play in the net. Like blah. :( I do stretches and then I feel better once we score once or twice at least and then I know it's kind of okay if I let in a goal. But I still do not let in very many. So if we score four, then we've probably already won unless we have to verse Team D. Which are mean! And hard! :(

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today's soccer game

11-3 was the final score! We were versing Team E. They have the second best player in all the league. That is Michael I. He is also in my class at school. He has been in my class for 8 years. I didn't let any goals in. The three that they got on us was because of the other goalie. And then I got like four goals and a gazillion assists.

To be a really good goalie, you have to fling around a lot and do ninja moves. In other words, come and see me play some time on the weekend or something!

We have an awesome fieldhouse. The computer says "fieldhouse" is spelled wrong. Danged computer. That is the name of the building. Sheesh!

I'm happy! There will be more of the tournament tomorrow. We are gonna cream Team C, and then we are gonna get creamed by Team D. They are impossible to beat. They've never been beaten. But we tied with them. Go us! We are archenemies. We hate each other! NOT. They are actually my friends, sorta.

Michael out!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The last tin of iced tea in the world

I have the LAST tin of iced tea in the world.

At least for the brand. Yay! I know it is the last one in the world because I have been searching all of the stores. It's really good. :)

It's old and crumply. YUM YUM. I put five spoonfuls in a glass. :) There's still half a tin. YUM. I am not going to share it. It's gooooood. :)

I found it behind the tallest drawer behind everything. I was looking for something to eat because I was hungry and alone. All I had was the TV to keep me company. Too bad it didn't talk. :( So it was lunchtime, and then I had some waffles. I had six in total. They were goooooood. :) And when I saw the iced tea I was like "YUMMY YUMMY!" I was like "YAY FOOD!" when I found it. :)

I am now off to have some more iced tea. Michael out.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas holiday!

The holiday is over. I went to camp for two weeks. It was fun. Me and my uncle made an awesome slide down our stairs. There was a big storm over the night. And in the morning we went and put all of the snow down our stairs. And then it formed into a slide. There was a jump at the bottom.

Me, my uncle, my mom and some of my cousins went down the slide. It was fun. You got to slide off and crash! It hurt. A lot!

Me, my mom, my uncle and my dad cut down a Christmas tree with the help of Riley. We went into my grampy's pasture to cut one down. We were looking for the perfect tree and we found it. My uncle said, "Hey, there's one cut down right there!" So my mom goes over and picks up a small, maybe six inch tree. And my uncle was like, "Well I was sort of thinking of the one behind it." And she looks and was like WHOA. Because the other one was like as big as her, like ten times bigger. We ended up taking an even bigger one! And we put it in the trunk of our car.

Grammy and Grampy came to visit. They slept in my other uncle's room. And I am in the bunk beds. I have my own room.

I went to Herman Mountain with my cousin. They have big tubes and you slide down the mountain. And other people were skiing. I ski cross-country.

In the summer we are going to go back and ski on the water. Because the lake will be all melted and we can go in our boat. My friend will be coming with us this summer. It will be fun and we will ski together. My mom says she is going to have a boys' camp and all of my cousins will come and we can have sleepovers and eat hot dogs and play soccer and go skiing and kneeboarding.