Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today's soccer game

11-3 was the final score! We were versing Team E. They have the second best player in all the league. That is Michael I. He is also in my class at school. He has been in my class for 8 years. I didn't let any goals in. The three that they got on us was because of the other goalie. And then I got like four goals and a gazillion assists.

To be a really good goalie, you have to fling around a lot and do ninja moves. In other words, come and see me play some time on the weekend or something!

We have an awesome fieldhouse. The computer says "fieldhouse" is spelled wrong. Danged computer. That is the name of the building. Sheesh!

I'm happy! There will be more of the tournament tomorrow. We are gonna cream Team C, and then we are gonna get creamed by Team D. They are impossible to beat. They've never been beaten. But we tied with them. Go us! We are archenemies. We hate each other! NOT. They are actually my friends, sorta.

Michael out!