Sunday, March 6, 2011

I won my next soccer game!

Yay! I won my tournament soccer game versus Team C. 7-1. :) It was fun. I got like a gazillion assists, at least four. And I saved a bunch of shots. Yay! :)

There are two more games. And then we play for first place, second place and third place. So right now we've already won a medal! I think. Unless if the things are screwed up. Last tournament, I got Player of the Game and Player of the Tournament.

After next weekend, there is no soccer for a long time. I have a game tomorrow.

I actually feel sort of drowsy when I play in the net. Like blah. :( I do stretches and then I feel better once we score once or twice at least and then I know it's kind of okay if I let in a goal. But I still do not let in very many. So if we score four, then we've probably already won unless we have to verse Team D. Which are mean! And hard! :(


Anonymous said...

Wow, I really wish I was a goalie like you! You seem to be an expert.

Anonymous said...

I also wish I was a good goalie. I think I'm possibly the worst goalie EVER. My students won't let me play in goal when we play any sort of sport. Well done, Michael!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are writing all the time again! You're an awesome blogger. And it sounds like you're an awesome soccer player too.

Dad said...

I'm proud of you Mike!