Sunday, March 13, 2011

I got silver in soccer!

The tournament is over. We got silver! :) Technically, we should have got gold :(, but we won at the wrong time. They beat us in a shootout after two sudden-death overtimes. :( So we are undefeated except for the shootout. Dang shootout! :(

I almost forgot smiley faces and sad faces. :(

It was an awesome game. My mom says everybody was cheering. I didn't pay attention. I got my head in the game too much. I was too busy passing it to the other team. I accidentally passed the ball to Harut on the other team, and he shot it right at me! But I blocked it with my awesomeness.

I won gold in outdoor soccer, but you never get medals in that. :( So I have one silver medal and one bronze medal from the times I was in indoor soccer. I got bronze when I was on Harut's team two years ago. I am also on a Fury team and we have an awesome soccer team. We beat Behchoko 15-5. :) I got one of those goals. :) And mostly I am the goalie, especially in AMSL which is the tournament from this weekend.

So that is the end of soccer for a while. :(


Anonymous said...

WHOO HOOO! Sweet deals my main man Mike. Way to go!