Saturday, March 12, 2011

We beat the hardest team! YAAAAAYYYY!

We beat the hardest team in soccer! :) In the tournament we are undefeated! We're gonna verse the same hardest team in the finals again tomorrow. :( If we beat them, then we get gold. We already do win silver at least. No matter what, one of our teams will get silver and the winner will get the goal. And Team C and Team F are playing for bronze. My friends are on both of those teams. My mom won't let me go tomorrow at nine. :( I will have to call my friend to find out who won. :)

I had two games today and they were awesome. We won both. The first one, versus Team F, we won 5-4. The second one we were versing the super duper hard unbeatable team and we beat them 4-2. :) We are the first people to beat them. :) That is really true. They won every other game they ever played and they were so close to not losing a game all season until we cracked their code. I have friends on that team too. Well actually I am friends with people on all of the teams. I have a lot of friends who play soccer. Like, almost all of the boys play soccer in my class. But also we only have nine boys in our class.

We play for the medals tomorrow.