Thursday, March 10, 2011

The play

I am auditioning for a play. It is for a musical about Pinocchio. It is called No Strings Attached. I want to be Donkey Children because they are lazy children who run off. They are naughty. I know because it says so in the script. :)

I wonder who's going to be Pinocchio. I think it's probably going to be a girl. There's hardly any boys signing up for it. I guess girls are braver than boys. Not meaning to be sexist. :) It would be pretty weird if Pinocchio was a girl, because he's a boy and everyone knows Pinocchio, and turning him into a girl wouldn't be right. I mean, even I know Pinocchio and I hardly know anything about the story except the sly fox and the donkey children and Pinocchio's father. And Pinocchio. :) Other than them, I don't really know anyone else. :(

I'm trying to be Donkey Children and I do NOT want to be Pinocchio. That would be NOT GOOD AT ALL. It's the first time I'm signing up for a play. I didn't really want to sign up in the first place. My mom just forced me. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, and by the way, my mom is writing this and she has to write whatever I say! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I HAVE THE POWER! :)

I forgot to write smiley faces in this blog post! Nooooooo!!!! I'll go back and look for places to put them.

OK, I put smiley faces and sad faces in my blog post. I like them because it doesn't feel right without them. When you write, you have to do smiley faces. I even put them on my work in school.

Michael out!