Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas holiday!

The holiday is over. I went to camp for two weeks. It was fun. Me and my uncle made an awesome slide down our stairs. There was a big storm over the night. And in the morning we went and put all of the snow down our stairs. And then it formed into a slide. There was a jump at the bottom.

Me, my uncle, my mom and some of my cousins went down the slide. It was fun. You got to slide off and crash! It hurt. A lot!

Me, my mom, my uncle and my dad cut down a Christmas tree with the help of Riley. We went into my grampy's pasture to cut one down. We were looking for the perfect tree and we found it. My uncle said, "Hey, there's one cut down right there!" So my mom goes over and picks up a small, maybe six inch tree. And my uncle was like, "Well I was sort of thinking of the one behind it." And she looks and was like WHOA. Because the other one was like as big as her, like ten times bigger. We ended up taking an even bigger one! And we put it in the trunk of our car.

Grammy and Grampy came to visit. They slept in my other uncle's room. And I am in the bunk beds. I have my own room.

I went to Herman Mountain with my cousin. They have big tubes and you slide down the mountain. And other people were skiing. I ski cross-country.

In the summer we are going to go back and ski on the water. Because the lake will be all melted and we can go in our boat. My friend will be coming with us this summer. It will be fun and we will ski together. My mom says she is going to have a boys' camp and all of my cousins will come and we can have sleepovers and eat hot dogs and play soccer and go skiing and kneeboarding.