Friday, March 4, 2011

The last tin of iced tea in the world

I have the LAST tin of iced tea in the world.

At least for the brand. Yay! I know it is the last one in the world because I have been searching all of the stores. It's really good. :)

It's old and crumply. YUM YUM. I put five spoonfuls in a glass. :) There's still half a tin. YUM. I am not going to share it. It's gooooood. :)

I found it behind the tallest drawer behind everything. I was looking for something to eat because I was hungry and alone. All I had was the TV to keep me company. Too bad it didn't talk. :( So it was lunchtime, and then I had some waffles. I had six in total. They were goooooood. :) And when I saw the iced tea I was like "YUMMY YUMMY!" I was like "YAY FOOD!" when I found it. :)

I am now off to have some more iced tea. Michael out.