Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My soccer ball popped. :(

I got a soccer ball from Butthead Corporation. HA HA YA. Butthead is a cigarette company that hates cigarettes! :) Yeah. And stuff like that. So you promise to be smoke free and then you get stuff. It's awa-so-wam.

So I got a soccer ball because I promised to be smoke free. :) I was doing 500 touches a day to be a good soccer player and to be good at controlling the ball. :)

And then I went on vacation and I took it with me so I could keep doing my touches. :)

We were coming back from Mexico, where we went on vacation. It was awa-so-wam. I was going through Mexican security and they had to pop a hole in my soccer ball to make sure that there was no toxic gases inside of it! Why would I do anything like that?

So now my ball is ruined. :(

But I am getting a new one from Butthead! Very nice! :) I sent an e-mail to Butthead saying what happened, and they said, "Oh, OK. We can give you a new one." They are nice. I like them. :) They give me soccer balls. Hehehehehehe.

So now I will be able to do my touches again. Yay!