Thursday, March 17, 2011

Culture Camp

Today I went to culture camp with all of the grade 4s. We went trapping and caught four muskrats. I got its paw.

It is so cute!

Well, we caught three that actually died. The fourth just poked its nose out and got caught in the trap. Then it came out and started walking around. Then the guy knocked it out with a stick and broke its spine. :( The girls cried. I did not. He was so cute! I want a muskrat now to be my pet! They were so cute and fat and fluffy! So he cut off the paw and gave it to me. He took a knife and asked who wanted a paw and I said ME! And then he gave it to me!

They eat the tails. :\ The tails are really weird. They feel like leather.

There were elders there and they made bannock. It was good! :) They made it in a pan on the fire. The elders didn't really talk to us.

We went there on a sled behind a skidoo and we flipped over three times! :( It hurt. Three times.

Michael out!


nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

That's quite a story! And I hate to say it, but I'd have been (and would be now) one of the girls who cried. But I think it's awesome that you guys did that (but the muskrats had a *quick* death, right?)

If you got it one as a pet, I wonder how it would get along with Snake?

Meandering Michael said...

Nice! I think everyone should have the experience of killing and eating their own food - even if they don't like it.

Michael said...

Nancy: Yes, they had a quick death. I don't think the snake and the muskrat would be friends. :( My dad said the snake might eat the muskrat paw. And my mom says I have to find another place for it. There is blood inside it. It's awesome.

Unknown said...

Awesome!! Sounds like a fantastic experience. Are they going to tan and use the fur too?

You can just hang it up for a week or so and it will dry out nicely for you.