Monday, May 18, 2009

"I'm confused!"

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Beasts: A horror story

There are ten of them. At night they strike and kill. They open their tombstones. They haunted people’s houses. They were born in 1987.

At night they were hungry. For food, their father fed them human babies.

They went on a picnic. They brought peanut butter babies and jam babies and baby toast and human beans.

Suddenly, a flaming bird appeared. His name is Efos, the Winged Flame. He flew away. They were shocked when it ended. They didn’t know what it was and what it wanted.

“It probably wanted our food,” they complained.

“Someone saw the bird on fire,” one said.

“I saw its colour,” said another. Another saw its head. It had a sharp beak.

Its body is as yellow as gold. So was its beak. Another saw its tail. It was as hot as an atomic bomb blowing up.

The flaming bird flew back to its nest and laid an egg. One hour later, the egg hatched and the commercial came.

“It’s back. It was a banana,” the flaming bird announced. “Bananas give you calcium.” And he ate it up: chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chuga chomp.

They decided to go fishing. Because the bird was on fire, they thought the bird would not go. They went fishing, but a sea surfer interrupted them. Then the flaming bird flew in sight. All the monsters ran for their lives. The elephant and Efos charged together, but they were too powerful and got destroyed. And the monsters ran home.

When they got home, their mother made a baby. It ate food and spit it at the kid monsters. The kid monsters said, “OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!”