Monday, April 11, 2011

No subject

This blog post I can't think of anything. So I'm just going to blurt out random things that are funny. HAHAHAHA. You should have laughed while you were reading that. Let's try it again. HAHAHAHAHA. jking

I'm so funny. HA HA HA. :)

And weird stuff like that.

I like pizza. I told you I was gonna say things that are random! CHICKEN!

Peace out! :) And weird things like that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The play rehearsal

The play rehearsal was pretty boring. All I got to do was sit on the floor and get my name said once or twice. :(

I only say one line in the whole play. And I sing a song. Three songs, actually. But WHATEVER.

I have a very unpopular part in the play. I am Tony Tuna, King of the Sea.

The end.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My soccer ball popped. :(

I got a soccer ball from Butthead Corporation. HA HA YA. Butthead is a cigarette company that hates cigarettes! :) Yeah. And stuff like that. So you promise to be smoke free and then you get stuff. It's awa-so-wam.

So I got a soccer ball because I promised to be smoke free. :) I was doing 500 touches a day to be a good soccer player and to be good at controlling the ball. :)

And then I went on vacation and I took it with me so I could keep doing my touches. :)

We were coming back from Mexico, where we went on vacation. It was awa-so-wam. I was going through Mexican security and they had to pop a hole in my soccer ball to make sure that there was no toxic gases inside of it! Why would I do anything like that?

So now my ball is ruined. :(

But I am getting a new one from Butthead! Very nice! :) I sent an e-mail to Butthead saying what happened, and they said, "Oh, OK. We can give you a new one." They are nice. I like them. :) They give me soccer balls. Hehehehehehe.

So now I will be able to do my touches again. Yay!