Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More soccer

My soccer coach Rebecca says that you should make 500 touches on the soccer ball a day. :) It is hard to remember :(, but so far I did it. :) It's hard, though. Sometimes I do more one day so I don't have to do as much the next. And some days I do more just for fun. I am taking touches on the soccer ball while saying this. :)

My feet hurt. Too many touches on the ball. But now that I don't have very much soccer, I don't have Fury or AMSL :(, I don't get to have very much touches on the ball on the weekends. No more Fury for six more weeks. :(

My coach Rebecca told my mom that she was at the Arctic Winter Games and she was winning all of the time until she had to verse in the finals for a gold medal and at the end it was tied so they went into one period of overtime. Still tied. Nobody scored. Then another period of overtime. Still tied. So they went in a shootout. And then they lost in the shootout, so they got silver. JUST LIKE ME.

During the spring break some of the kids on my team are going to Fort Simpson for a tournament. I am not going because I am going to Mexico. :(

Michael out!