Monday, September 28, 2009

Star Wars Lego

Here is my Star Wars Lego. It is an imperial walker. I built it myself. It wasn't actually too hard. I just like put some pieces
together and I built the clones. First, of course, I built Rex, who is the head clone. He has guns in each hand. He's pro and he uses them.

And the walker can also shoot things. You actually don't have to pretend to shoot. It just goes like boom, and the same with the other side. I built it that way. It's like Lego, so it's way better than what you get at McDonald's. If you could get Star Wars Lego at McDonald's, I would love it. But since they don't, it's stupid.

Seriously. Kids want a good Happy Meal. Like, you're buying crappy toys for two bucks. Seriously. If you buy a cheeseburger, that'll cost you nine dollars if it's a Happy Meal. NINE DOLLARS. Because a regular cheeseburger, I think, is seven bucks with fries and a drink.


Anonymous said...

That's way too much for a cheeseburger! A better idea is to make your cheeseburgers at home and save money so you can spend more on awesome toys.