Saturday, September 5, 2009

Air Hockey

The best thing about McDonald's is not the Happy Meal toys. It is the air-hockey machine.

You put one dollar in. It has to be a loonie. Then it blows air. Then you verse with a handle. You try to get the puck in the other person's net. And it goes really fast. Well, it matters on how hard you hit it. If you hit it really hard, it goes really fast. I usually hit it as hard as I can.

I play with my dad and sometimes my mom. And I win pretty much all the time.

From Michael


Anonymous said...

I bet I could beat you!

Michael said...

How much?

Dugg MacDonald said...

I like the big air hockey tables, where there are two paddles for each side so you can have two people play on each side, but I usually just like to put a paddle in each hand.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... how about a dollar? Seeing as you'll probably beat me after all. :-)

Air Hockey Expert said...

We love Air Hockey too, but never seen it in Macdonalds. Have to spend some more time there.