Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures of me as a trucker

We had our pictures taken. My poppy is a trucker, so we did it in the truck yard of Manitoulin. And we all dressed up in costumes. Except my poppy. Those are his regular clothes.

I have my coveralls. They keep me from getting dirty. I always wanted to drive a big tractor, because it sounds cool. Even just in the truck yard. And I wouldn't bump into anyone, I would just be like VROOM VROOM.


I would drive to Rae and bring food there. And I bet I would get free subs from the best sandwich shop, Subway. My poppy gets subs, and he gets to choose them. And sometimes he gets to go to Pizza Hut, the best pizza place on earth. I have no idea what I would deliver there. I would go to Fort Providence once in a while, and I would have a cool cell phone. Yippee!


Karan said...

Hi Michael,

These are sooooo great! You look amazing! Thanks for posting them.

Love your blog,


Anonymous said...

You're totally hardcore! Great pictures!

Scott L said...

I like your blog. Cool overalls! You have done a lot of thinking about the incident at Giant Mine. I agree with you on the sexism in fast food toys. Fight the toys! (Unless if they're really good and they shoot things.)

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures! We're going to print them out for the people at Church, because they watch "Ice Road Truckers".

Gram and Grampy Holsapple

Torq said...

Very nice! I actually spent this weekend working with a tractor and all sorts of big engines. We were haying, which means loading up bales of hay onto the back of a big truck.

The work was no fun, but once it was over, I got to ride around the field on top of all the hay!

Jackie S. Quire said...

I called my dad's father "Poppy" too... there's not many people who do!
Very cool.