Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fisherman's Wife

In this story, a fisherman catches a fish that is really a prince, and
the prince says he will grant his wishes if he lets him go free. So he
lets him go. And his wife wants him to ask for a little house. So he
rows out and asks for a little house, and they get it. And his wife
asks for lots of things. And each time he rows out, the water gets
darker. And in the end she asks to be the empress and to control the
sun and the moon. And they end up going back to the way things were.

The lesson is don't wish for too much things, like being emperor.

It surprised me that he found a fish that was a prince, because that's
not even a one-in-a-lifetime chance. It's like a zero chance because
would you actually see a prince that was a fish? Imagine what that
would look like! It would be a pretty big fish, it would have a crown,
and it would be ugly because it's a fish. Princes are handsome.

I think the water gets darker because she keeps on wishing for things.
She keeps on wishing for things that you shouldn't be, unless you're
like elected or something. I don't really know what you get if you get
elected. I think you learn that in high school.

I don't really like stories like that. I like stories about dragons
and dinosaurs. But I read this one for school.


Anonymous said...

Your grampy knows a Christmas version of this story. It's WAY better than the prince version. I'll tell it to you, when you come to Florida.

Torq said...

If you like stories about dragons, man do I have a list for you! Have you ever read The Red Cross Knight? That one is great! It's got dragons, knights, princesses in distress... (no dinosaurs though).

Another great story which I loved when I was your age, and still love reading today, is The Hobbit. This book is about the beginning of the Lord of the Rings, but you might already have read this one!

(Side-note: you probably don't want to try reading The Red Cross Knight in it's original form just yet because of the middle English.)