Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giant Mine

My mom told me there was a guy who put a bomb in the mine and murdered a bunch of people. The workers and the bosses were in an argument because the workers did not like the way the bosses treated them. So some of the workers stopped working, and some of them did not. And some people got really mad about it. And one guy was so mad that he put a bomb in the mine.

And now he is in jail forever. I was thinking that he maybe doesn’t get fed, but my mom says that he always gets his food. Maybe he doesn’t always get to eat what he wants to eat. My mom says he probably gets to read the newspapers, too. I think that is pretty lucky, because I almost never read the newspaper. And Daniel hardly ever reads them.

I bet the police probably treat him pretty good. I would like to go to the jail and look at the people, but I can’t, and that’s not fair because their friends can go and see them. I should go and be a professor so I can talk to people like that. I would take their statistics and write them down.

You can never outrun the cops. I know this guy who tried it before and it did not work and he surrendered. I heard that from someone. I was watching TV and there were some people who were going to jail and every time the camera came they would cover their faces. I think they did that because they didn’t want their friends to see that they were in jail. That would be pretty embarrassing.