Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is the Bionicle that I got at McDonald's. You can see that it is not very good. I have three that are way better and that I bought with money at a toy store.

I think I want to sell this crappy Bionicle. Maybe I can get two bucks for it.

The others are way bigger and they actually have really cool things like shields and knives. Like, my favourite Bionicle's name is Scrawl. I will show you a picture.

You can see that he is way cooler. Like, his shield could come right off and cut right through it. Here's what's really awesome about Scrawl: He flips right over the cliff and fires a rocket and it's like a chain thing.

If you want the crappy Bionicle from McDonald's, let me know if you would give me money for it. Because it is just making my room messy. My mom says I am going to have to find a place to put it. If nobody wants it, I'm putting it on eBay. And I also have a pencil that I want to get rid of.


Torq said...

What on Earth is a Bionicle?

Fallen Soldier said...

there lego toys