Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More for Uncle Matt

Scrawl has lots of weapons. He has a shield that spins around. He can kick with his claws, and they really hurt. They would probably kill almost any Bionicle.

He also has lots of armour. So he's like the ultimate Bionicle. Except for one of those really really tough and giant guys.


Anonymous said...

And he also has a cooler name than Bionicle. Scrawl rocks!

Torq said...

Wait a minute... Who are the "really really tough and giant guys?" Maybe I want to buy one of those for my office instead! Are they the size of people?

Scrawl does have a pretty cool name... I like Torq better though! Maybe we should make a Torq action figure! I could throw books at people, that's GOTTA cause a lot of damage. I bet one of these heavy books could go right through the toughest Bionicle armor.