Sunday, September 13, 2009

Smoke bombs

Daniel and I made smoke bombs. To make them, you need tissue paper and potassium nitrate. You get a piece of the tissue paper out and put some potassium nitrate in the middle. And then you fold the tissue paper over it, bring it outside, and light it on fire. You do this on your own property, not on the neighbour's property.

You have to wait a little bit for the fire to get into the potassium nitrate. And then it will blow and smoke will come out. It looks like regular smoke, but not like when the dump was on fire. Much less smoke than that.

But you have to stand back. Get an adult to help you. Because fire can burn you.


Torq said...

That sounds pretty cool and a little dangerous! Where did you find potassium nitrate?

This seems like an interesting science experiment. Do you know how different metals burn and why? Ask your mom and dad what happens if you light magnesium on fire.

You do have to be very careful with fire though, you don't want to get burned or to have a fire get out of control!