Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The odyssey

I loved this book it was exciting,fun,awesome and BOSS!

There was a lot of gore but that's what makes it EXCITING!

I would FOR SURELY tell you to READ this awesome book!

My favorite character was odysseus he was so BOSS!

This is my favorite book of ALL TIME it is a very fun book to read!

My next book I am reading is tintin hope it's as good as THE ODYSSEY!!!!!!

My favorite part was when they jabbed the HUGE log in the cyclops eye!

I had no least favorite part because it was an amazing book!

This is not the BEST book for 10 and under (I am 11) it is kinda gorey :3

This is an ADVENTURE book so read it if you like ADVENTURE books LOL!

(maniacal laugh...maniacal laugh LOL LOVE THAT MOVIE!)


Anonymous said...

When I was young I think I read the Odyssey twenty times! Now, after being with you over Christmas, I am inspired to read it again, and I am finding it just as interesting as I did fifty years ago.
Thanks, Michael!

Michael said...

Yeah! :D