Friday, November 12, 2010

Shaka, King of the Zulu

Shaka is the king of the Zulu. That is in Africa, so there is South Africa and then there is one place over the top of South Africa and on top of THAT there is Zululand. If it weren't for Shaka, there would be no Zulu today. Because he created the strongest weapon. A throwing spear. (Assegai.) He created a assegai but it was all metal, so they could use it as a sword. And without that weapon, the Zwide would have taken over Zululand.

And Zwide was huge compared to Zululand. Like three times bigger. And the Zwide declared war on them. And Shaka and the Zulu pwned them. "Shaka! Shaka!"

Shaka made all of his warriors go barefoot, because he thought his sandals slowed him down. And he took his warriors to lots of places with lots of thorns and made them practise jumping around in the thorns. He wanted them to go super fast without any shoes on. He could walk his army fifty miles every day. It would take weeks for any normal army to run fifty miles. If the warriors didn't want to go without sandals, he killed them. That's what they had to do. It's either they got killed or they would be left out. They would probably walk maybe five miles instead of the fifty that everyone else was running, so they would get lost.

After, the English settlers came on a boat. The Zulu came along and found them, and they told them about jails and Shaka got really mad. He thought that they would rather be killed than go to jail and be treated badly. The English settlers were like best friends with the Zulu and Shaka.

His brothers murdered him because when his mother died, he went crazy and made 100 of his warriors guard her grave for one year. And he made everyone stop and he took away people's cattle and the Zulu loved cattle.

The Zulu made their shields out of cows. They used everything about a cow. Once they died and didn't have any use for them, they ate their meat, pulled off their skin and made weapons out of it.

It all happened in about maybe the 1800s.


Steve said...

Michael.... That is an amazing report on the Zulu!!! I will share it with Mr. Scott. I have a couple of questions for you, did you write it yourself and how did you find the information/do the research?

I am very proud to be your Dad, you are the BEST son anyone could ask for. Love you. X0X0X0

Michael said...

Yes, I wrote it myself. I found the facts in a book.

Torq said...


That's a rad report! I'm doing a report on this guy called Alexander who lived a REALLY long time ago (like 2300 years ago!). He was a Macedonian and he led the armies of Greece to take over a lot of different countries. He took over Persia, Egypt, and quite a bit of India.

He built some cities too, like the city of Alexandria in Egypt. He was one of the best military leaders in all of History!

Because he did so much they called him Alexander the Great! That's a pretty cool title.