Monday, September 6, 2010

How I got Axis and Allies!

I got Axis and Allies! It's a board game. It's a lot like Risk, which is another board game. Except there is planes and boats. It is now my favourite game. The bad guys were called Axis and the good guys were called Allies.

Japan bombed the United States. They bombed Hawaii. It was one of the biggest deals there is. Because the United States was not in the war at all! They were just there! They had all of their boats and everything standing in Pearl Harbour. And Japan sent like 1000 boats and everything and tried to take over it but they couldn't.

Germany bombed France and took it right over. And they grabbed a lot of the people and put them in camps. Germany was like sooooo bad, like evil. They just killed people for no reason because they didn't like them.

England was really big in the war. And the United States took back France and gave it back to them! And nobody bombed Canada.

And there was an atomic bomb. The United States dropped it on Japan because they tried to attack Hawaii.


Mongoose said...

Actually, it was mostly the Commonwealth that took back France and the rest of western Europe. The US were there too - in fact they tried to take it over themselves.

Axis and Allies is a good game. It was already cool when I was your age. :)

Pool Tables Man said...

Sounds like you are learning history by playing the game. It made me smile. It is a good game.Enjoy playing it, but remmeber, its the Allies. Many countires, inclduing Australia, India, New Zealand and Canada were in the war from the beggining and stood up to the Axis, until the Japanese got the US to join in with the allies.
And just as important as the US involvement was the Russian effort in keeping the Germans at bay, losing 20m people in the effort.