Sunday, May 30, 2010

My bus got in a car accident!

My bus got into a car accident! It happened in the morning. So at first, there was this commercial on the radio. And it was the perfect time for a special effect, like a CRASH! And then I heard a screeching noise. And KA-TUNK! I went flying into the front of the seat and then I went flying back.

And I was like, "Cool. That's a cool effect!"

And then I saw that everybody was looking back. So I looked back and I saw a truck. The front of the truck was all smashed. It was all crushed.

And then we had to go to another bus. And when I came out of the bus and looked at the truck, there was pieces on the ground of the truck. It was creepy but not creepy. It was the first time I was ever in a car accident. And when we left to the bus, everyone was talking about it. They were just telling their friends, "WE WERE IN A CAR ACCIDENT!" But my friends weren't really amazed.


Anonymous said...

Car accidents are scary! I hope no one was hurt and I'm glad you're OK.

Torq said...

Hey man, I'm amazed! You weren't just in a car accident, you were in a bus accident. I've never been in one of those.

I was in a car accident once. We were only moving about 5 Kph but the airbag went off and smacked me right in the face!