Monday, January 25, 2010

My soccer game


Torq said...

Nice game! Have you ever considered trying to get a job as a local sports commentator? Your rad dance moves were much more fun than their *talkie talkie talkie.*

One problem though. I was trying to watch this video secretly at work, when all of a sudden (right in the middle of the game) someone (your mom maybe?) started screaming and cheering really loudly! I could have gotten in all sorts of trouble! Of course, maybe I should just not be watching soccer games online when I should be working...

~ Uncle Matt

Jason said...

I think you are the coolest kid I know. Your blog rocks! Keep it up.

Michael said...

Dear Uncle Matt,

That cheering was from ALL of the moms. I mean ALL OF THE MOMS. They always cheer when I get a goal. They always cheer when anybody gets a goal. Sometimes even the other team. But barely, because my team gets most of the goals.

Did you get fired? I hope not.

Dear Jason,

I know! My blog DOES rock!