Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Grampy

My grampy was tricking me. He said that only old people could wiggle their fingers like him, but I figured it out and I am gonna show it to him when I see him. And he snaps his fingers really fast. I am good at snapping my fingers and I am gonna be just as good as him.

I am good at other things, too. Like I am really flexible, and I don’t think he is as flexible as me. And I am a good skier. I once skied for three miles in minus 45 and I wasn’t even cold. And nobody else was with me because they all thought it was too cold. I bet I am better at skiing than my grampy.

My dad says that Grampy looks like Indiana Jones, but I don’t think so. My grampy has a big big head, and Indiana Jones has a skinny head like my dad’s. So I don’t think they look the same.

From Michael