Monday, October 16, 2006

Lord of the Flies

There are lots and lots of flies. Look, there’s one over there! You have to chase after them and clap on them. They are so so fast and you have to chase them. And you can hit them with a newspaper and kill them. We are catching lots of them in our traps too, because they are really stupid. If we could just find those last two flies, then it would all be done.

I do NOT like flies. They are really stupid and dumb. And they’re really heckish. They always go into different types of food. I think we should put a wrapper on all of our food. Those apples are really yummy and I think the flies like to eat them too. They like the smell of food like potatoes. I only liked potatoes when I was a little baby.

When I came out of my mommy’s belly, I was little. I was probably the littlest baby in the whole entire planet. I had to wear my diaper all of the time. But I don’t wear a diaper now. That would be disgusting.

Love, Michael